Technical Information

Top Flocks

The Hy-Line Bird delivers feed efficiency, high liveability and better eggs.

See details of the top performing flocks around the world here.

Hy-Line Brown Peformance Standards

The Hy-Line Brown is recognised for it's superior feed efficiency, excellent liveability and superior brown egg quality.

The Performance Standards for Hy-LIne Brown birds in conventional systems are available here.

Hy-LIne Brown Performance Standards: Alternative Systems

The calm temperament of the Hy-Line Brown bird makes her well suited to alternative production systems. Combined with greater feed efficiency and excellent liveability, this adds up to higher profitability.

The Performance Standards for Hy-LIne Brown birds in alternative systems are available here.

Hy-Line Brown Management Guide

The genetic potential of the Hy-Line Brown Commercial Laying hen can only be realised if good poultry husbandry practices and management are used. The Hy-Line Brown Management Guide outlines successful flock management programmes for Hy-Line Brown varieties based on International Field Experience.

The latest version of the Hy-Line Brown Management Guide is available here.

Rearing Commercial Layer Pullets

Productive and profitable layers begin with good quality pullets. Having the correct body weight and body type at the start of production will enable pullets to achieve their genetic potential. Problems that develop during the growing period cannot be corrected after laying commences, so it is important to regularly monitor pullet growth rates and performance.

Click here for more information on the rearing of commercial layer pullets.

Feeding for Performance

Feeding your hens correctly is important to ensure optimal performance. Providing a balanced diet which supplies adequate levels of energy, amino acids, macro and trace minerals and vitamins is important to ensure adequate nutrient intake to support production. In early lay hens require a higher nutrient density diet to support growth as well as production.

Click here for the recommended Nutritient Concentrations for Hy-Line birds in Lay.