Layer Breeds

Hy-Line Brown

The Hy-Line Brown is considered the world's most balanced brown egger. She produces 373.5 brown eggs to 80 weeks, peaks in the mid 90's and begins lay early with optimum egg size. This combined with a frugal appetite, the best interior egg quality in the market and excellent livability give the Hy-Line Brown the perfect balance, meaning more profit for the poultry person.

Hy-Line International Website

Hy-Line Brown Point of Lay Pullets

Golden Coast Commercial also rears Hy-Line Brown Pullets to point of lay (16 weeks of age). Pullets are usually available throughout the year.

Meat Breeds

Ross 308

The Ross 308 meat chicken from Aviagen is a high performing bird used in integrated meat chicken operations around the world.

Ross Website